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Here’s a quick overview of the process you’ll need to complete to become an Apricot Lane Franchisee:

Step 1: Schedule Your Online Virtual Discovery Day
During a private 30-40 minute web conference, we’ll review the tools and resources that we provide and answer any initial questions you may have. It’s free, and there’s no obligation! To learn more, click here (link to Discovery Day subpage).

Step 2: Receive & Review Franchise Disclosure Document
You will also have the opportunity to call our franchisees to learn about their experiences.

Step 3: Submit Financial Profile & Personal Photo
Your financial information will help us determine if you meet our financial requirements.

Step 4: Conference Call
An exclusive interview with our Founder/CEO Ken Petersen.

Step 5: Personal Visit - We Come to You
We will send a representative prepared to meet you in your market and spend most of the day getting to know you, answering more questions and touring potential locations for AL.

Step 6: Executive Committee Approval
After our visit, our executive committee reviews your qualifications, motivation, expectations, market demographics, and real estate opportunities. If we determine that you are a good fit for us and our concept, we award the franchise to you!

Step 7: Sign Franchise Agreement
Now you will determine if we are a good fit for you! Ask as many questions as you need to complete your due diligence and accept the franchise award. We’ll both sign the FA, you will be on your way to owning an Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise!

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